[EDEQUITY]Men raising Children

From: Lowell Annan (lowell@mtnempire.net)
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 11:51:46 EDT

(Individual is responding to Karen Furia statement)
You are correct there are many men who have a perfect record in the role of
raising children.The past 60 years may have provided some doubt in men even
as it has in the women's chastity and moral character but there are still
those who have high moral and ethical values that are beyond question in
both sexes.

"Lowell Annan"

Second Statement to the original message:
From: Furia Karen <furia-karen@dol.gov>
Subject: [EDEQUITY] Men and early childhood settings

I find this outrageous. Men have a key role in rasing children and being
role models. They are essential in early learning environments. I know
men who have started as child care providers and have stayed in the field
decades. If you son wants additional information I suggest he do a search
on the National Association for the Education Young Children (NAEYC)
website. At the NAEYC conference they have whole tracks on men working in
the child care setting........karen furia <furia-karen@dol.gov>

First Message:
From: Meg Manderson <mmanderson@edc.org>
Subject: [EDEQUITY] Title IX/Non-trad. a respond

Okay, I've got to respond to this one. My son has wanted to work in
early childhood ed for years and has been told point blank that he is
unemployable because of generalized suspicion of any man who would
want to do the work. He has wondered if it doesn't reflect a poor
self image on the part of the women involved since there seems to be
an attitude that the only reason a man would want to do the work was
if he was a pedophile!

When you add to this the heightened awareness generated by the
current scandal of priestly pedophilia and the college at which he is
studying strongly suggested he major in human services rather than
early childhood. So yes, at least in the Boston area there is strong
eg Manderson

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