[EDEQUITY]ED Commission to Review & Strengthen Title IX

From: Sundra Flansburg Director (sflansburg@edc.org)
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 08:34:14 EDT

For those who haven't heard already, Secretary Paige announced on Thursday
that ED has formed a Commission on Opportunities in Athletics that will
look specifically at Title IX and athletics. It's charge will be to review
and make recommendations on how to strengthen enforcement of the
legislation and ensure fairness for all athletes. Town meetings will be
one of the main venues for gathering information, and the three-prong test
for compliance "may" be part of the review. They'll present findings and
recommendations in January 2003--apparently ED is planning to hold on any
change in Title IX regulations until this commission's findings are in.

Few people right now seem to know much more besides what was announced and
what appeared in last week's Chronicle of Higher Education, but our
colleague Percy Bates of the Michigan EAC is a member of the commission, as
are Donna DeVarona and Julie Foudy of the Women's Sports Foundation. If
anyone on the list has more information, we'd be very much interested--and
we'll keep you updated on whatever we learn.

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