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From: Joy Wallace (equity@nici-mc2.org)
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 09:57:54 EDT

Women's Foundation of Minnesota Offers Funding for
        Programs Benefiting Women and Girls

 The Women's Foundation of Minnesota (WPM) works to aid
 women and girls organizing for economic, political, and
 social change, by providing resources and a voice for
 their cause. The foundation does not fund projects outside
 of Minnesota.

 WFM is currently accepting applications for the following
 funding programs:

 The Social Change Fund provides resources for women and
 girls projects that are designed to have a significant
 impact on societal attitudes and behaviors or result in
 systems change. Grants are awarded in the following
 areas: 1) Social Change/Systems Change -- grants for
 programs by and for women and/or girls that are designed
 to have a significant impact on societal attitudes and
 behaviors, or result in needed systemic change benefiting
 women and girls. Grants in this area may be made to
 grassroots groups or more established organizations. WFM
 does not generally fund direct service unless the program
 is a new model with strong potential for replication. 2)
 Grassroots Empowerment -- Grants to help bring together
 previously unorganized, traditionally underserved groups
 of women and/or girls as an initial organizing step in the
 process of social/systems change. Grants in this area are
 generally limited to grassroots groups and organizations.
 3) Women, Money, and Social Change -- Grants to fund new
 and innovative efforts that will stimulate giving and
 increase support for organizations, projects, and efforts
 benefiting women and/or girls. (Deadline: October 1, 2002)

 The GirlsBEST (Girls Building Economic Success Together)
 program is a five-year grantmaking and public awareness
 initiative focused on increasing the readiness of girls,
 ages 10 to 18, to achieve economic well-being. Grants will
 go to girl-driven programs that have the support and
 involvement of women, mentors, community organizations,
 schools, and other organizations serving women and girls.
 WFM is seeking applicants from a wide range of
 communities, with priority given to under-represented and
 underserved girls and communities. (Deadline: September 1,

 Complete guidelines for both programs are available at the
 WFM Web site.

 RFP Link: http://www.wfmn.org/
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