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Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 10:01:42 EDT

Linda Shevitz from Maryland, and a NAME member, wrote this for the 30th
anniversary of Title IX. It is sung to the tune of This Little Light of



We're here today to celebrate a law called Title IX.
And on that law's accomplishments a light we pause to shine.
Title IX at 30 years for equity still strives -
A law with major impact that has touched so many lives.

(Tune: This Little Light of Mine)

Equity law so fine
We surely made it shine!
Equity law so fine
We surely made it shine!
Equity law so fine
We surely made it shine!
Title IX Title IX Title IX!

They told me that girls couldn't be in autobody class,
Because as females this one course we could never pass.
But my great drive to work on cars they just couldn't stop;
And now I own the Hit the Road Autobody Shop.
   Thanks to Title IX

They told me as a male that home-ec class was not for me;
That learning how to cook-for boys-just wasn't meant to be.
But I completed Class Cuisine with skill and mastery,
And now I run a restaurant of 4-star quality.
        Thanks to Title IX

"You don't need math or science," my counselor said to me;
"Prepare instead, as women should, for domesticity."
But I loved trig and calculus and physics called to me,
And now I have a highly paid career in chemistry.
        Thanks to Title IX

"Computers are a male domain, it just comes naturally;"
My school did not encourage girls to use technology.
But I created a new homepage and always was on line.
Now I am using software that is of my own design.
        Thanks to Title IX

Jobs for me when growing up were narrowly defined --
Teacher, secretary, nurse, and service work were fine.
Now women work in all careers, the change is evident -
Astronaut, physician, judge, and one day, President!
    Thanks to Title IX

A preschool teacher, I was told, a "real guy" couldn't be.
This surely would destroy my very masculinity.
But I took full parental leave for my kid's infancy,
And now I teach in nursery school and do so joyfully.
     Thanks to Title IX

A pregnant teen, I thought my life was limited for sure.
And then a special program opened a new door.
With skills on how to parent and training for each need
I finished school and got a job that helped me to succeed.
        Thanks to Title IX


"Nice girls don't sweat," was the advice I heard from age of three.
But swimming, track, and basketball were all a part of me.
So on I swam, and ran, and played and now they all can see
Olympic gold around my neck proclaiming victory.
Thanks to Title IX

My daily p.e. classes - the ones I used to dread -
Were changed to build my unique skills when they became coed.
My interests and abilities that once had been denied
Were fostered in gym programs - males and females side by side.
    Thanks to Title IX

The ceiling for advancement was made of layered glass,
Even though my teaching work was rated as first class.
A network geared for women then helped me to advance.
I'm now a superintendent, because I got the chance.
  Thanks to Title IX

My admission to their program one law school did deny.
Their policy was clear, they said, "No women need apply."
But now my education no college can decry.
I even - if I want to -can go to VMI!
       Thanks to Title IX


I knew I felt uncomfortable with comments, looks, and stares;
But of these hurtful actions my school seemed unaware.
Until I said "harassment" was what was going on.
Then OCR stepped in and these behaviors were soon gone.
      Thanks to Title IX

I never even recognized the bias in my class,
The gender-based inequities that I would just let pass.
Til training and the strategies that gender programs brought
Opened up my thinking and changed the way I taught.
   Thanks to Title IX


>From access to school courses and each activity
We've made great progress toward our goal of gender equity
And even though there's much to do, there's much to celebrate,
So all these years - now 30
We now commemorate.
  Thanks to Title IX

We honor here the people who've given faithfully
Their leadership in fostering the best of equity;
Who've formed strong coalitions and groups to lead the way,
Like AGELE and our networks that have brought us to this day.
     Thanks to Title IX

We've shared years of perseverance, commitment, energy;
Years of major progress toward inclusivity.
We now renew our efforts to assure that Title IX
Lights the way for equity - continuing to shine!

Equity law so fine,
We're gonna make it shine!
Equity law so fine,
We're gonna make it shine!
Equity law so fine
We're gonna make it shine!
Title IX Title IX Title IX !

Linda Shevitz
AGELE Conference
July 2002

William A. Howe, Ed.D.
Education Consultant for Multicultural Education and Gender Equity
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