[EdEquity] "best practices" in gender equity

From: Helen Lodge, Asst. Director (hl2t@virginia.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 13:20:11 EDT

(Moderator here: I apologize for the blank message that was send on
8/12/02, here is the original message)

We are currently seeking recommendations for a conference on "best
practices" in gender equity that is being planned by the Women's Leadership
Council of the University of Virginia for September 2002.
We would welcome the names--and when possible, the addresses, phone
numbers, and/or email addresses--of people you would recommend that we
invite to participate in our conference on "Assuring Gender Equity in
Higher Education." In particular, we are looking for those who are doing
"best practices" in the following areas:

Curriculum design
Academic programs
Climate (meaning overall environment)
Support services (e.g. counseling, mentoring, childcare, etc.)
General equity (e.g. salary)

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to think about this--any names you
could send would be greatly appreciated. In addition, any contact
information you could give us would be also be most welcome. If you have
questions, please feel to contact me (Helen Lodge; 434-982-2903;
hl2t@virginia.edu). I'm looking forward to hearing people's suggestions!

For more information:
Helen Lodge
Assistant to the Director
The Women's Center
University of Virginia

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