[EDEQUITY Disability] Graduating women with disabilities and work

From: Susan Foley (Susan.Foley@umb.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 14:03:50 EDT

Hello everyone,

Recent reforms in welfare policy, workforce development policy and
vocational rehabilitation have led many to believe that a college education
moves people into a better position in the quest for a good job (i.e. at
livable wages). Education particularly at the community college or public
university, is seen as a social policy strategy to remedy many social ills:
poverty, gender differences, racial differences. Despite this, women and
men with disabilities who graduate from college do not seem to attain
employment at the same rate as their peers. Women with disabilities do not
seem to benefit from increases in educational level in terms of employment
rate, income, and employer benefits.

Some questions:
1) What do you think is the reason for the disparity in employment between
college graduates who are women and men with disabilities?

2) What can be done about it? What can the college do? What can the person
with a disability do? What can policy makers and researchers do?

3) If you have graduated from college recently, say in the last 3 years,
what are the things that you feel have helped you get a job?

Thank you for your comments.

Susan Foley, PhD
Institute for Community Inclusion
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