[EDEQUITY Disability]Careful consider....

From: Sattel, Sue (Sue.Sattel@state.mn.us)
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 14:07:45 EDT

Steve Kaatz from Bethel calls Minnesota's educational system a powerful,
controlling matriarchy. I have served under nine commissioners of
and their cabinets in Minnesota and six were males, and only three have
female. I guess those figures speak for themselves as to the matriarchy

The Sadker's research PREDATED the AAUW study on schools shortchanging
girls. Research is about proving or disproving premises so that it can get
funded and can inform our actions and public policy. The researchers he
cites have been trying to topple the credibility of this original work for
years to no avail in my opinion...kind of like big birds being pestered by
little birds, but, then I raise birds, so that is why that analogy comes to
mind. As a policies studies and communications professor, I expect that
Steve provides fairness and accuracy in his classes.
I think that anyone, regardless of gender that needs services for an
appropriate education should be served and I don't see how reducing the
number of boys in special education would serve that purpose. It seems as
if overall numbers would be reduced if poverty, drug abuse, alcoholism, and
many others of society's ills were eliminated coupled with increases in
nutrition education and prenatal services It would be a great goal - the
reduction of the number of children in special education because there just
weren't any more children to be served. Meanwhile, we will attend to the
topic of gender and disabilities and consider carefully what Steve Kaatz
contributed to the conversation.

Sue Sattel, Facilitator
Equity Specialist,
Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning,

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