[EDEQUITY Disability]History repeats it's self

From: Carlotta Tyler (odc@tiac.net)
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 11:03:44 EDT

This all sounds so familiar, and SO OLD! We were mounting this struggle in
the 60's around 94-142 (the original Special Education Legislation, and
Title IX. & I am not surprised. After all, what you are talking about
you reference sex (gender is the cultural role) is the other 51%....this is
a huge and threatening number if we kept statistics on it. You may
George Bush Sr. writing "gender" out of the Hate Crimes Bill , requiring
States to collect and report crimes based on race, religion, sexual
orientation, ethnicity. This is a quiet conspiracy. If these words sound
tad strong, they need to be to get women angry enough to do something about
the legislative enabling of continued marginalization of girls and women.

Carlotta Tyler

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