[EDEQUITY Disability] Comments and short list of resources!

From: Ellen Rubin (erubin@aed.org)
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 15:56:21 EDT

Hello again,
It seems to me that we should be working together to insure that the next
reauthorization of IDEA will include a careful look at gender. I think it
is the only way to draw attention to the issue of the underserved and
underrepresented number of girls in special ed. Folks continue to believe
that we have already addressed that issue ...as all of us know, it is far
from being adequately addressed.

As for resources, the book Double Jeopardy: Addressing Gender Equity in
Special Education " edited by Harilyn Rousso and Michael L. Wehmeyer
published by State University of New York Press It is probably the most
recent and most directed focused on this topic.
You may also want to take a look at Educational Equity Concepts revised
edition of Building Community: A Manual Exploring Issues of Women and
Disability, by Tiffany Perkins et al. Published by EEC New York
It does not focus only on education but does include education.

Ellen Rubin,
Coordinator, Disability Programs,Educational Equity Concepts,
New, York, New York

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