[EDEQUITY Disability]Widespread gender equity training

From: Harilyn Rousso (HarilynR@aol.com)
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 16:02:57 EDT

I think one important way to address the underrepresentation of girls and
young women with disabilities in special education as well as some of the
other examples of gender bias that Ellen Rubin and others mentioned is
through more extensive training of teachers on gender equity, training that
specifically addresses the intersection of gender and disability bias.
Unfortunately, too few teachers have access to gender equity training of
any type, and most gender equity training curricula fail to address the
unique gender bias issues facing students with disabilities. Although we
are living in difficult times in which gender equity in education - or
anywhere else - is not a priority, we need to continue to advocate for
widespread gender equity training that is inclusive of all students. This
is an essential ingredient for more positive postsecondary outcomes for
girls and young women with disabilities.

Harilyn Rousso, CSW
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