[EDEQUITY Disability]More question for gender equity & training

From: Steven A. Kaaste (kaaste@bethel.edu)
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 10:43:31 EDT

Harilyn Rousso raises some interesting issues about gender equity and

Would there be better outcomes for all disabled students post-high school
more of the special education teaching force were male ? Sp Ed teachers,
especially in the elementary and middle schools, are overwhelmingly female.
What bias is reflected in these facts ?

Is it difficult to do gender equity training with sp ed teachers when the
male voice is lacking ?

While males are the overwhelming majority of students labeled LD and BD,
overwhelming majority of sp ed teachers in those areas are female. Does
mean that teacher training institutions need gender equity training to
eliminate any bias ?

Because women are under-represented in science and technology occupations
there are a number of programs for girls only to get them interested in
those fields, in the interest of gender equity why aren't there programs to
get boys interested in becoming sp ed ( or elementary ) teachers ?

Steven A. Kaatz
Associate Professor of Education
Bethel College
St. Paul, Minnesota

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