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From: Valenciana, Christine (cvalenciana@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 14:28:06 EDT

Subject: [EDEQUITY Disability Dialogue]Responding to Ellen's Opening

This responding to the Dialogue with the Experts on Disability and Gender,
August 19-23, 2002.

Sorry for the late response. I found your (Ellen Rubin) statement
particularly interesting as I have a son and daughter with a disability in
perception. Both kids are identified as gifted. Thus, getting special
accommodations has fallen on my husband and me. As an educator I
better the system than the average parent and have been able with many
challenges to get instruction accommodated for both kids. I never thought
about the isolation that girls feel. You have alerted me to addressing
this with my daughter. She is not special ed. identified however she does
have special accommodations for testing and a few other accommodations.
I will mention this isolation to my teacher education students! Presently,
our dept. is beginning to address the inclusion of accommodations/adaptions
for English Learners and Special Education students.

Christine Valenciana
Asst. Professor
Calif. State Univ. Fullerton
Dept. of Elementary and Bilingual Education

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