[EDEQUITY]Sally Ride Science Festival

From: Dorothy J.T. Terman (DJTerman@aol.com)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 15:29:19 EDT

Dear Science Educator:

I am the former Science and Math Coordinator for the Irvine Unified School
District in Orange County, California, and am now a consultant with
astronaut Sally Ride's new venture, Imaginary Lines, which sponsors the
Sally Ride
Science Club. The Club is a virtual community for upper elementary and
middle school girls to support their interest in science, math and

On Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, at MIT, there will be a Boston area
Sally Ride Science Festival for grade 5-8 girls (and their parents). Dr.
Ride, America's first woman astronaut in space, will give a keynote speech,

and then the girls can choose 2 of 20 exciting breakout sessions on
science-related careers, as well as attend a science street fair. There
will also be workshops for parents, teachers, and other interested adults.
registration fee (which includes lunch) is $15 for students or adults ($20
at the door), and scholarships are available.

Further information on the Festival, including a registration form and full
description of the event, is available at
http://www.SallyRideFestivals.com(Embedded image moved to file:
pic00041.pcx)or by calling 1-800-561-5161. I am also attaching a two-page
pdf to this email which includes a registration form.

I am hoping that you would be willing to "get the word out", via your local
e-mail or other networks, to science teachers, teacher-leaders, and grade
5-8 principals, to let girls in the Boston area know about this exciting

We have Sally Ride Science Festival brochures that we can deliver to you,
your colleagues, or school personnel with whom you work. To arrange for
delivery of brochures please call 1-800-561-5161 or you can send an e-mail
to bears@usc.edu.

I would also be happy to talk with you about the Festival or Club, at your
convenience. My phone number is 714-832-1466.

Thanks so much.
Dorothy J.T. Terman, Ph.D.
Telephone: 714-832-1466

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