[EDEQUITY] Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and Science

From: Jolene Pinder (JPinder@edc.org)
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 15:32:54 EDT

The Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Resource Center announces its
fall session of the Online Course Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and

Register TODAY! Space is limited, and the registration deadline is
September 13.

Middle school makes a difference. Starting in the middle school grades,
girls are less likely to choose elective courses in science and math. This
decline in participation is especially severe for low-income or
disadvantaged girls, girls with learning disabilities, and girls who are
learning English as a new language.

Engaging Middle School Girls in Math and Science is an exciting online
course developed by the WEEA Equity Resource Center and the New England
Comprehensive Assistance Center that brings teachers together to explore
how they can make a difference at this critical time. Build on what you
already know about good instructional practice, and achieve your long term
goal of developing more equitable classrooms that support learning for boys
and girls. Useful for both formal and informal settings, this inexpensive
course fits easily into every budget and schedule. Professional development
points, undergraduate, and graduate course credit are available.

Equipment: All you will need to participate is access to the Internet, an
email address, and your interest in equity.

Course Length: The course runs nine weeks (including a one-week tutorial)
and is comparable to a one-credit course.

Course Schedule: The course begins September 30, 2002, and ends December 8,
2002. Registration deadline is September 13!

Course Requirements:
(1) Access the course sessions three times per week for a total of three
hours minimum
(2) Post at least three messages per session in the online discussion area
(3) Prepare and present a final project online
(4) Participate in ongoing evaluation of the course

Fee: (course fee includes supplied materials)
$80 for individual
$60 per person for teams
$40 extra for course credit

Registration: Course enrollment is limited to 20 students. Register at the
WEEA Equity Resource Center website:
Call 800-225-3088 for more details.

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Marketing and Research Assistant
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The national Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Program is
a federal mandate to promote educational equity for girls and women.

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