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From: Bauman; Raquel (raquelbauman@lhs.lowell.k12.ma.us)
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 09:57:24 EDT

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This message is referring to the EdEquity Dialogue on Gender and
Disabilities, July 19-23, 2002

School opens the last week in August in Lowell, MA. so I had less time than
usual to participate in this dialogue. Still, the needs of people, women
and girls and Latinas in particular are of special interest. I know that
there are projects in Texas medical schools and perhaps others throughout
the country. None that I know of work directly with girls in schools. I
spent more than six years at the alternative school in Houston that houses
the Regional Day School for the Deaf and attempted several times to tap
resources on behalf of the students, most of whom are Latino, half of whom
are female. The work we did on harassment prevention and date abuse
prevention was designed by another counselor and myself since there were no
materials that we could find.

Do please keep me in this loop. The issue is an important one that gets
too little attention.

"Raquel Bauman"

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From: Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara [mailto:gilkashi@ohsu.edu]
Subject: [EDEQUITY Disability] Latinas being misdiagnosis

Hi Christine,

I just wrote to you regarding your comment in response to my opening
statement. I just wanted to respond to this statement and tell you that I
have a similar interest in Latina girls and have also witnessed
inappropriate techniques around diagnosis and intervention with Latina
girls who have disabilities. It would be great to keep in touch with regard
to our common
interests. There is much to talk about and I am very interested in
establishing and maintaining contacts with Latinas in the field who are
doing this type of work. Thank you for your comments and I look forward to
future discussions.

Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara
OHSU-Center on Self-Determination
Portland, OR

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