Call for Papers

From: City & Schelter (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 12:15:00 EDT

Dear Friends

For the updated CD-Rom 99
present your work and your organisation
and be on the next Free Shared CD-Rom Library !

The European Profeminist Men Network EuroPRO-Fem < >
(a research-action supported by the European Commission)
will produce an updated "Free-Shared CD-Rom Library" next Summer and
send it free to all Participants, Institutions, Networks, main NGOs, etc
If you want to share information on this next CD-Rom and on the EuroPRO-Fem
web site,
please send us all documents and comments as soon as possible
 - before the end of June - to City & Shelter.

The main themes deal with Masculinity, Violence, Anti-Sexism, Men Issues
(see details on the web site)
More general Gender and Women issues, Human Rights are of course also

If you already have your own website, we propose - if you agree - to
download it in June and present it on the CD-Rom. We also offer free space
memory on the CD-Rom for you to present your work and projects on your own: you
can use up to 50Mb.

What kind of documents are expected:
entire books or only abstracts, reports, newsletters, researchs,
dissertations, theses, bibliographies, conference minutes, descriptions of good
practices, legislation ...

Out of prints and historical documents are particularly in demand.
(We would scan your documents and send them back to you).

Documents can be in any language, however we need, if possible,
summaries in English, and/or French, Spanish, German.

>> Documents can be sent by e.mail to:
>> Diskette or zip have to be sent to City and Shelter,
40 rue d'Espagne B-1060 Brussels BELGIUM Tel/Fax: +32 2 534 77 35

>> Hard paper documents have to be sent before the end of June to
the same postal address.

Thanks to forward this message through your network.
We would also very much appreciate any help for translations and in
case of technical computer problems.
Thank to all who already contributed to the previous CD-Rom98;
Thank you very much for your contribution.

Roland Mayerl, Daniel Welzer-Lang, Thierry Campanati, Maiti Chagny

Co-ordination of the EuroPRO-fem Network is in Toulouse.
Partner, Information Centre, European Researchers Network:
Daniel Welzer-Lang c/o Les Traboules, 12 rue Agathoise F-31000 Toulouse

You may also be interested in other of our projects:
>> EuroPRO-Fem will set up the European White Ribbon Campaign for the year
2000 Initiative DAPHNE of the European Commission: call for propositions 18
June. (see details on EWRC on the web site and

C&S is preparing two Free-Shared CD-Rom Libraries for next year too on:
1 - "Sustainable and Safer Cities, Development and Gender Issues"
2 - "Low Cost Housing, Appropriate Technologies" ...
Contributions are welcome.

EuroPRO-Fem and City & Shelter (Belgium)
Roland Mayerl

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