Parent/Teacher Survey

Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 09:43:42 EDT

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Susan Carter,

Playing Their Parts: What Parents and Teachers Really Mean by Parental
Involvement (summary of research conducted by Public Agenda, 1999)

Parental involvement seems like the least controversial concept in
education reform -- just try and find someone who admits to being against
it. But parental involvement is also a vague concept, covering a range of
ideas from bake sales to school-based management. So is parental
involvement really noncontroversial, or just unexamined?

In Playing Their Parts, Public Agenda surveyed parents and public school
teachers to find out what they think parents should be doing in the public
schools. It seems like a simple question, yet public opinion on this issue
turned out to be as complex and subtle as any area we've examined.

To find out how to order copies of the complete study, visit The Public
Agenda's Website at

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