Hispanic Presencia Pilot Project

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Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 10:17:50 EDT

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Pilot Academic/Residential Project on the
> Northern Arizona University announces a new residential life experience
> beginning in 1999-2000 which highlights peoples in the Southwest, with an
> initial focus on the Hispano/Chicano presencia. The purpose of this
> combined academic/residential experience is to recognize the heritage and
> living presence of Spaniards, Mexicans, Mestizos and Mexican Americans in
> the region. It is a pilot project of the revitalized Southwest Studies
> Minor -- an interdisciplinary program that examines relationships between
> people and places in the Southwest.
> For the Fall 1999 pilot project, participating students will live in one
> section in Gabaldon Hall dedicated to fostering understanding of Hispanic
> heritage, values, contributions and relationships to others in the
> Southwestern environment. They will be expected to demonstrate an active
> commitment to the programmatic and service activities that make up the
> combined academic/residential experience.
> Students will be involved in curricular and co-curricular activities
> dedicated to the revitalization of Southwest Studies at NAU and
> strengthening ties to the local Hispanic community. Exhibits,
> presentations and seminars in a commons area will provide occasions for
> students, staff, faculty and community speakers to exchange ideas and
> concerns on a variety of shared interests and issues. The unique
> learning environment will provide a marvelous opportunity for any
> undergraduate/graduate student who has an interest in the following:
> Southwest Studies, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives;
> cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity; race, class and gender
> relations; service to the community; faculty-to-student mentoring; and
> student-to-student mentoring.

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