Gender Equity in the Classroom

Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 18:16:24 EDT


Gender Equity in the Classroom

Gender Equity in the Classroom, hosted by leading education researcher David
Sadker, Ed.D, examines the subtle but potent gender biases in today's
classrooms. By using scripted classroom scenes to graphically illustrate
biased and equitable teaching, the program is a powerful tool for use in
pre-service education classrooms or in professional development workshops.
Each scene focuses on a different area of disparity between females and
males. The scenes are then rewritten to show how thoughtful teaching
strategies can undo this bias and promote equity. In between the classroom
scenes, Dr. Sadker, a professor of Education at American University, explains
what is biased in each scene and provides background information and tips on
equitable teaching strategies.

The first classroom, an elementary language arts lesson, focuses on
student/teacher interaction. Viewers are introduced to the issues of wait
time, teacher expectations, and quality of teacher feedback.

The second classroom, a middle school science lab, tackles issues of teacher
planning and classroom management. The scene illustrates typical problems that
arise during cooperative learning tasks and demonstrates the phenomenon of
"learned helplessness."

The final classroom, a high school social studies lecture, focuses on seven
different types of curricular bias: invisibility, stereotyping, imbalance,
unreality, linguistic, fragmentation, and cosmetic.

This program, specifically designed as a training tool, incorporates "stop"
points- places where a trainer can stop the tape and conduct an activity to
enhance the content. The accompanying Viewing Guide offers guidance on how to
use the program during professional development, as well as provides
background information and additional resources.

How to Order a Video Tape

To order Gender Equity in the Classroom and Viewing Guide at a special
introductory price of $69.95: Call 1-800-639-8879, or Email

Produced by WGBY TV
Writer/Producer: Mary Makley (
Content Advisor/Host: David Sadker
Content Advisor/Co-writer: Phyllis Lerner
Viewing Guide written by: Phyllis Lerner and David Sadker

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