Re: More on Littleton

Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 10:36:35 EDT

I never cease to be amazed at the lack of insight that comments such as this
one shows. All of us who call ourselves feminists were not born that way.
Feminism (the study and practice of women and MEN related issues) is not
something we are taught at school . Society, of course, does its best to make
the issue subject to prohibition in the social, philosophical, intellectual,
psychological, personal and in every other important way.

So the road has been a very hard one for most of us, that as women, have had to
teach ourselves and learn from those who have or are travelling the same road.
In that educative process we have had to read lots of books, done a great deal
of thinking and gone through the kind of intellectual development that most
ordinary people never have cared to go. So to say that you are "suggesting a
view that is not a feminist one" because it relates to how boys have a hard time
in this sexist society as well, its not to know what feminist Do, KNOW and
THINK. The whole issue of boys victimization, in the same societies that
victimize women, (their number one target) would not exist if it wasn't because
feminist first pointed out.

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