Re 3: School violence reflections...

From: Carlotta Tyler (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 22:54:54 EDT

I see the Littleton tragedy in a broader light. It is a symptom of a
stunning erosion of the social matrix. Our entire culture, a culture
of violence, seems to be following a Warrior mentality down a big hole.
Do we examine the fabric or keep picking at the threads?

Do we commit to unraveling the ugly tapestry, to doing the challenging
work of looking within and without; at all forms that transmit messages
of alienation, disconnection, cynicism, brutality, greed? At the religious,
economic, social, legal, educational, family and governmental roots?
Do we align with the forces of light and not the powerful undertow of darkness?

We need to explore how racism, sexism, individualism, capitolism fuel the
sickness at the very heart of the matter.


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