Re 4: More on Littleton

Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 10:02:05 EDT

Overboard with attention to girls?...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee, Iam still looking for the ONE history, social studies or english textbook
in my daughters school curriculum that will mention ONE woman's acomplishment as

I am still waiting to hear of ONE classroom in where the BOYS have NOT taking
CONTROL of the teacher's attention.

And mind you this is a well founded, small school district that brags about
their 'strickness'. Yesterday my daughter and her friend had to step outside
the classroom so that they could do their work. The teacher is young (22) and
very much into the gender equity issue...but apparently she can't control the
boys...and this scenario is not much differnt than any other one classrooom in

And the girls are getting tooo much atttention????? How UNTRUE !!!!!!!

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