New Book on Masculinity

From: KHanson (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 17:24:40 EDT

For those interested in the topic of masulinity, its construction, and its
impact, you may find the following book of interest:

by Harry Stecopoulos and Michael Uebel, editors
Duke University Press, 1997

The collected essays look at the "ways in which masculinity intersects with
other categories of identity, particularly those of race and ethnicity." The
book focuses on the "social construction of masculinity--black, white, ethnic,
gay, and straight--in terms of the often complex and dynamic relationships among
these inseparable categories."

The book is written from a scholarly perspective for scholars but is very
readable and certainly one that offers another important perspective on the
complexity of be-coming and be-ing male in our society--especially when it talks
about the "cultural" components of this--arts, film, music, etc. I've just
started reading the book and would be interested in hearing of others' responses
to it.

Katherine Hanson
WEEA Equity Resource Center

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