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From: jdespain (
Date: Sat May 08 1999 - 11:16:14 EDT

Yes, indeed!

Teachers are merely the pawns in a corporate run system which
has everyone so inundated with standard curriculum there isn't
a moment to spare for desperately needed healthy socialization
studies. Educators are truly blinded to this fact.

So what we have are kids mis-socializing each other from peer to peer
just like in the old days when we were in school, but it's worst now for
all the violent and sexist commercialized reasons we know.

Parents are disturbingly too busy to notice as well, that they don't know
their kids any better than the schools do. Kids are great at playing the
role, the game. They learned it from the adults in their lives.

Until some big money gets in the picture for the children rather than
against them due to greed, we'll continue to have the same old negative
patriarchal "shove it down their throats" routines and practices; more
ritalin and suspensions; increased blame games on kids and parents, rather
than really listening to children's true voices and feelings and modeling
conflict management among peers.

We are in a dysfunctional society because emotional education has never
set a precedent in schools. What a mess we now have!
Denial, unaccountability and oppression reign. And there is this thick
unpenetratable marshmellow creme covering the public school system,
enabling it to look as if all the school employees are just
super functional, nice, wonderful, healthy people to our children.
When in truth, so many are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Parents need to take control back from the schools they own.
They need to take a stand for holistic education.
They need to truly listen to their children.
We need heart consciousness to replace the status quo good ol' boy system!

For the Children,
JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
Educational Ideals

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> We still have a great to say about all this but it has to do more with
> doing....somehow I think schools are becoming the breeding grounds of social

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