Re: Kids killing kids

From: Ted & Ellen Weverka (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 23:39:34 EDT

Gerry E. Sea wrote:

> This neutralization of the issue,
> which IS a gender issue, is outrageous. What is really happening is boys or
males are killing kids ... We have to speak about 'what can we do to end male
violence - to keep our boys and young men from being violent because this is the
real issue!

The phenomena is not gender specific. One girl was asked why
she did it, after shooting up the school. She replied "I don't like
mondays". This senseless violence was memorialized in a Boomtown Rats

If there is an advantage to treating male violence seperately from
female violence this would make good EdEquity reading.
It appears, however, that you are not seeking to help here, but
rather to sweep under the rug the occurances of female perpetrated
violence and pretend that all school shootings are perpetrated by
males. I cannot fathom what advantage you find in ignoring the
female perpetrated violence.


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