Re: Peer Sexual Harassment Article

From: Linda Purrington (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 12:03:58 EDT

Mary Jo,
Thanks for your reply about your training video.

I also want to know if the video has been changed so that the emphasis
on counseling for the girl (who has done no wrong and is not otherwise
presumed to be in need of counseling) has been changed to or at least
balanced by counseling for the boy who harassed the girl.
I also want to know if the boy is still somehow transformed into a
counselor on the subject of sexual harassment, and still in a position
to now lecture to the girl!

This scenario is precisely what goes on in many schools, and we need to
make sure that schools do not, as they do in this district, pull girls
out of class to counsel them, suggesting that they are someohow at
fault, while the boys go uncounseled and even take positions of false
authority on the issue. It is important for 'training" videos to be
really clear on this problem.

        Linda Purrington
        Title IX Advocates

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