Re: Emotional education

Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 13:36:04 EDT


I've been silent on this list for quite some time but must respond to
your contribution. I have two young daughters that I've homeschooled and now
send to a private school mainly because of the lack of "emotional education"
occurring in our public school system. This is not a subject I've been able to
find being handled in the private school system either. So, we teach it at

However, I see so many people learning "emotional education" apparently at the
School of Hardknocks. That is unacceptable to me in a day when we can see our
society on a cusp of greatness or the complete opposite.
Thank you for sharing your information. I am going to research this
area more. I hadn't thought to attach the label "emotional education" to it but
that is precisely what it should be termed.
For our world and the prospering, leading countries to ignore this
aspect of a complete human education is shortsighted.

Thank you,
Martha Benhamou-Bunch

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