Classroom behavior...

From: Robin Forster (R_Forster@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat May 15 1999 - 02:56:37 EDT

There are a number of excellent books out on class room behavior, perhaps
that might be a start...

Also, suggesting that as parents you (and others) would be more than
willing to come and volunteer in her class (sometimes just the presence of
parents can be very effect). It also sounds like the boys know that she
has minimal control, so, why not act out? (from the boys perspective). And
yes, I have had girls who were also "problems" and usually, historically
its the boys who DEMAND the teachers time and energy.

What kind of positive incentives is the teacher using for appropriate

Hope this helps some,

You said:
>For a few weeks now my 6th grade daughter has been complaining that in one
of her classes ''the boys are so misbehaved that she can't do her work''...

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