Gender Equity and the Education of Preservice Teachers

From: Marymount Women's Institute (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 14:13:55 EDT

Registration, lodging and food funded by the Ford Foundation.
Space is limited.

"Gender Equity and the Education of Preservice Teachers" June 11-13 -
    a three-day conference at Marymount College Tarrytown, NY

Faculty includes David Sadker, Jill Tarule, Frinde Maher, Theresa
McCormick, and Joan Schapiro.

Content includes analysis and transformation of syllabi, skills for
gender fair classrooms, student resistance, attention to gender, race
and class and research on gender equity and teacher education.

If interested please e-mail us immediately and we will fax you an
application form and a brochure.

Ellen Silber

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