Re 5: Economic costs of educational discrimination?

From: Sharon Hushka (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 17:37:25 EDT

Listed below are some websites that might assist you in gathering
information about the economic cost of discrimination, especially in

Sharon Hushka

The Women in Higher Education website is a national monthly practitioner's
news journal that contains articles and statistics that is designed to
enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage. One example is their chart of
"Gender Differences in 1997-1998 Administrative Salaries" included in their

AAUW has a fact sheet regarding affirmative action which sheds light on the
cost of inequity.

The AFL-CIO did a survey regarding equal pay for working families. Their
findings can be found at:
         "More than two-thirds of all mothers in the United States work for
pay. Two-earner families are today's norm among married couples, and a
growing number of single women provide most or all of their families'
support. Altogether, almost two-thirds of all working women and slightly
more than half of married women responding to the AFL-CIO's 1997 Ask A
Working Woman survey said they provide half or more of their families'

The Dept. of Education has a document about Title IX. One section focuses
on "Opening up the Professions and Opportunities for Employment" which is
located at :

At the federal level, the Women's Bureau has wage and occupational data at

Jane Roland Martin wrote an interesting paper called "Bound for the
promised land: The gendered character of higher education." Topics
addressed include: inadequate representation of women in the
professoriate; the absence of women in the course content; and the chilly
coeducation classroom climate.

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