Re 4: Emotional education

Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 14:55:28 EDT

I think that the issue of ''emotional education'' needs to be addressed in
education in an very broad sense. We need to take the time to introduce our
children to the concept of good ethics. It is of the outmost importance that we

What goes on or does not go on schools regarding this issue is one of
the reasons I want my daughter to be home schooled. She is old enough now
that she has the foundations of good moral values that will serve her for the
rest of her life but I do worry about what I know she is exposed to in her
school. Although this is a good public school as public schools go. The Friends
Academy run by the Quakers is where I would like my daughter to do her secondary
education. They stress liberal education in terms of pacificim, womens rights
and community social work. They do not any particular religion but encourage
independent spiritual development by giving children time to meditate.

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