Re 6: Emotional education

Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 22:58:33 EDT

There is quite a bit out there in the way of published curriculum materials
on social and emotional learning, and a variety of trainers and consultants
available to work in schools and communities on building these skills. A
critical piece is to get adults to examine and change their attitudes and
behaviors. All too often, adults think it's the kids who must be "fixed,"
when what's needed is a wider cultural change.

It's also vital, I think, to start young. Over the past several years, my
colleagues and I at Teachers College have developed and evaluated a
social-emotional learning /conflict resolution program for preschoolers,
including materials and workshops for staff and parents. If anyone is
interested, I'd be happy to share information about our work privately or on
this listserve.


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