Re: Ritalin/Prozac use

Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 14:45:11 EDT

Developing countries are great ''imitators'' of the good and bad trends of
industrialized countries. Sometimes they ''catch up'' a few months or years
later but it never fails...

I have just received emails from my relatives telling me that 2 of my two
nieces are getting Ritalin.....I am upset!!! these two little girls are two
of the brightest, strongest, most creative children I know. But both were
''acting'' up in school and the teachers could not control them. They both go to
expensive Kindergartens...but apparently there too the teachers don't want to

I am about to fire off a letter about Ritalin and tell them to take them off of
it but i need to do some research to prove why. Where do I get Info about the
drug??? (Ritalin?) I would appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

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