Attack on Title IX

From: Linda Purrington (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 12:53:02 EDT

CNN/SI is running a poll with the question "What do you think of Title
IX," in response to David Fleming's column, "Abolish Title IX."
To read Fleming's column and voice your opinion, go to
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Comments below are from
Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates

It's important to register articulate public anger at this kind of cheap
attack on Title IX, for several reasons:

1. NO women's groups advocate the cutting of any sport to make room for
women's athletic equity. ALL men's sports and women's sports can be
managed by slimming the hugely overweight budgets for football. Which,
by the way, does not make money for college; it drains funds from other

2. Title IX is a law that forbids discrimination on the basis of sex in
ALL aspects of educational programs, not just athletics. The chief
engine of socialization for oppression is sexual harassment and assault
in our schools/colleges. Athletics is just one tip of the iceberg.
(Watch out for the Supreme Court's oncoming decision in the landmark
sexual harassment case Davis v. Monroe County.)

3. Title IX does work. The only problem is getting it enforced. When it
is enforced, it helps build equity, it helps build athletic strength and
self-esteem in our young women. If it were enforced, we would eventually
look at a society that had more than 15 percent women in our national
Congress, and women making equal wages with men. We don't have that yet;
until we do, we need Title IX to help our daughters play on an even

Linda Purrington
Title IX Advocates

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