Re 2: Classroom behavior...

Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 11:56:39 EDT

Thank you. The teacher gave the children some kind of questionaire about
their feelings and opinions but I don't know what the general content of it. The
issue we wanted to stress to this teacher is that if she did not stop this from
happening she was defeating her purpose of gender equity in the classroom by
allowing the boys to run the class, set the tone etc and letting the girls be
witnesses to the boys exercising this kind of control.
Apparently things are calmed down and Ms. S had finally began to detain some of
the boys after class. Also I am very interested in the misbehaviour of girls in
classroom situations and in school in general.

Is there a pattern to their behaviour in terms of what it is that they respond
to? is their misbehaviour different to that of boys? how so? I have been meaning
to learn about this from teachers because I always get told that the girls ""are
just as bad" by school officials although they never explain ""HOW" and that
always serves to kind of shut me up when I am trying to tell them to look more
into boys behavior of sexual harassment . It is a way of pshychologically
"disarming" the question I believe....
and trying to undermine my point...

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