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Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 22:50:20 EDT

All I can add with so little time is my experience in teaching for 20
>>years and my memories from my childhood is boys are louder and more
>>active than girls but girls are often passively supportive to the boys and
also pass info secretively, which is quietly disruptive.

As well, kids disrupt because they don't like so much school and need
>>other more relevant activities day to day...also, they need social-emotional
guidance time dealing with real life relevant stuff. The confusion of
relationships causes alot of distraction. Alot. I simply must recommend again a
wonderful book, which must be read by all.

We All Have Scars, What Boys And Girls Learn In Elementary School, by
>>Raphaela Best. ISBN 0-253-36420-5, 1989, Indiana Press.

She's really hit it on the head with emotional needs of children in a school
system which simply neglects them. Classsrooms are cultures and need to be
treated as such, little worlds where people need to learn how to get along and
basically have respect for each and everyone. That takes time away from the
academics which drives the schools. But without it, we have the society that we
have today.

>>For The Children-
>>JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
>>Educatonal Ideals

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