What is wrong with parents!!!!!!

From: C123S105L@aol.com
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 11:46:04 EDT

Last week Long Island NEWSDAY reported that incidents of bomb threats had
benn going on back and forth between two of our area high schools. Students
from both high schools were arrested. When the police went to the home of one
student and found a pipe bomb the father's efense was that ''they are making
more of a big deal then it is because obviously my son does not intent to harm

I am afraid that there is something very wrong here in the way some children are
being raised and it appears more and more obvious that
the parent's indiference plays a big role in what is happening to our
youth. How is is possible that a father can defend the fact that his son is
building pipe bombs? Perhaps parents should begin to be prosecuted
for some of their children's violent behavior...I don't really know..but
there is so much that parents are neglecting to do the schools are not 100
per cent responsable for what is happening....


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