Re 8: Classroom behavior...

From: Sharon Hushka (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 14:20:18 EDT

To suggest that there will be "floodgates of lawsuits" is an assumption,
only the future will prove it to be accurate or an exaggeration.

It is a step in a progressive direction to make schools more accountable
for their role in creating a learning environment that is conducive to
learning. Sadly, without legislation, institutions fail to be proactive making
equity and fairness the rule instead of a hard fought practice. For example, the
slow changes toward sport equity started happening on a large scale when the law
was made mandating equal opportunities, and yet there is still a long way to go.

The schools and the students would do better to do all that they can to
prevent and to educate about harassment than to ignore its pervasive presence.

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