Library Equity Resource Pamphlet

Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 20:11:37 EDT

I am working on a couple of gender equity projects in Michigan, including
the creation of a pamphlet to be used by my public library, perhaps other public
libraries. I'd like my pamphlet to initially state the statistical reality of
how under-represented the current and historical activities and
accomplishments of women are and how often women are shown only in
stereotypical roles, especially in k-12 text books.
I then want to list representative books and materials in different media,
currently available at our library, or available after we improve our on
hand offerings, clearly demonstrating especially the full range of
non-traditional careers women are achieving success in, compilations of the high
level historical accomplishments of women, books about the successful
achievements of individual women in a variety of sports, careers and life
pursuits, while overcoming barriers of all kinds, books on what gender equity is
and what will be required to achieve it, etc.
My goal in the pamphlet is to make it as easy as possible for moms, dads,
relatives, friends and teachers to find out about and to know how to obtain
in-town immediate access to materials, that tell the missing part of the
story. With the statistical reasoning for the need for materials on women,
in the pamphlet and then listing examples of the on-hand in-town resources to
fill the need, perhaps more of the story might eventually leak out. I
believe it could help more people know, more of what women have been
accomplishing and allow more girls to be inspired to follow their examples.
I really need help with getting up to date statistics on the under
representation and stereotypical representation of women in texts today for
my pamphlet. Can anyone share this statistical information, with the date and
source of any pertinent study or a source to learn about studies for same, with
tom wilson

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