Science in Society Conference

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Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 10:32:24 EDT

Monday July 26, 1999, 9am-5pm
Boston, MA

A Workshop Fostering Critical Thinking about Science & Technology
in their Social Context

This summer the Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) Program at the
University of Massachusetts, Boston is bringing together teachers,
students, and other concerned citizens to participate in a day of workshops
and presentations given by innovative and inspiring teachers.

These teachers will engage you through case studies ranging from genetic
testing to population growth and environment, computers and gender equity
to disputes over scientific integrity.You will learn how placing developments in
science and technology in their social context can enliven and enrich science
education, science popularization, and citizen activism.

The sessions are designed to stimulate a range of participants: K-12 teachers
wanting to make the science, technology and human affairs an integral part of
their science or social studies classes; high school and college students
wanting to keep sight of the social implications of their studies in science;
and citizens wanting to promote active social debate about the directions taken
in science and technology.

You will experience model class activities, be informed of resources,
receive a directory of participants and other printed materials, and become
inked to networks for support and inspiration for your subsequent efforts.

For more information see:

Workshop registration of $48 covers lunch, refreshments, printed materials.

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