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From: John L Meyer (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 01:19:31 EDT

Even if he did, the principal had no power, nor should he have had any
power, to break up the group. As odious as some of their ideas are and
their group is, any free society must permit such groups to exist so long as
they exist within the confines of the law. Chicago learned that lesson when the
Supreme Court struck down their "loitering" law.

But I'd like to know, for my own edification; what would you have proposed
the principal do? Maybe he could have contacted the parents, but to say
what. "I am sorry, your children are. . .weird. Please change their
behavior." And this assumes that the parents would have ended this "group".

P.S. It's spelled Columbine, as in the flower.

John Meyer
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> I think the message below touches on the real problem. Where are the
> adults? The principal at Colombine {sorry I don't remember if this name
> is with an o or a u] asserted he had no knowledge of the student
organization in which the miscreants claimed membership. What was he doing? He
did not notice
> that students were wearing trench coats,
> expressing odious ideas, and behaving strangely. Perhaps the school was
> too large, perhaps he was excessively fearful of law suits, perhaps he
> spent too much time dealing with bureaucratic procedures, perhaps no

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