Re 12: Girl Trap at school...

From: William W. Pendleton (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 17:29:51 EDT

Actually there are several things the principal could have done that have
nothing to do with free association or free expression. He could have
known the children and learned what was on their minds, He could have
offered useful advice and alternative ideas. He should have, along with
the entire staff of the school have been in touch with the students who
expressed fear and concern about the behavior of these children. Someone
could have noticed the bringing of lethal devices onto the school

I suspect the major problem is schools so removed from the
community by size of enrollment and impersonal relations that anomie
becomes common among many students is a major part of the problem and that
problem is no limited to the extreme cases. It is not a matter of blame
for the principal, but for an organization that fails to support a
sense of community and involvement for the students. If the probability is
very high that the next adult you see at school knows who you are, what
church your family attends, where your parents work and what activities,
ideas, and concerned are important to you, such things are not likely to
take place and academic performance and personal growth are more likely
to take place. Power, laws and rights have little to do with
establishing such conditions.

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