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Beth Friedman and I are writing a chapter on the field of gender equity
in education. This chapter will be an introductory one for
a project detailing the workings of, and the rationale behind the Gender
Equity Expert Panel. This Panel is part of a U.S. Department of Education
System of Expert Panels. The Gender Equity Expert Panel systematically
reviews and recommends submitted programs and products on their
contributions to gender equity in education.
We are seeking to help individuals interested in gender equity understand
what is commonly included in the field and the type, dimensions, and power
of its academic and activist constituencies. In doing so, we are trying
to understand how the field of gender equity in education intersects with
related areas such as civil rights, human rights, women's studies, and
with other equity concerns related to race, disability and much more.
Our definition of gender equity includes helping males as well as females
increase parity in attaining quality of life, academic, and work outcomes
valued by our society.
We are interested in how this area of professional and practical interest
has progressed as a recognized field of study and assistance to educators
since Title IX was signed in 1972. We are focusing primarily on
responsibilities of the U.S. formal education system pre-kindergarten through
adult education.

Please let us know your suggestions of books, chapters or articles that
would help us understand how others have described and analyzed this field
of gender equity in education in the past few years.

We are familiar with the AAUW reports and books like the Sadkers' "Failing
at Fairness" that describe the gender equity issues and challenges, but
have not found much that describes the nature of this complex field, its
funding and its participants. We also welcome references describing this
field's many intersecting components and purposes.
In addition to references, if you have your own favorite definitions of
the field of gender equity in education, please let us

We welcome either public or private responses.
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