Re: Girls and school

Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 10:07:58 EDT

Your daughter has not suddenly adopted a ''tomboy attitude '' by discarting
her dolls etc. The word tomboy is mainly used as a response to the fact that
girls that deviate from the standard prototype of so called feminine
behaviour in this society,and become more physical, and assertive (all male
traits according to patriarchial societies) are referred to as ''tomboys'' as a
way of honoring those traits which can never be the sole property of
women... It appears that after being exposed to so many different cultures
and situations your daughter is simply finding her potential
and sense of identity as she prepares herself to become a young woman. it
seems she has benn given every psychological and intellectual oportunity to
do so and now she begins the journey into becoming a real productive member
of society as her gender dictates.

It is great that she is being encouraged and allowed to do
so. The fact that she looks exotic and is sometimes rejected on those grounds
can only enhance her growth as she understands the reasons behind:
ingnorance, lack of social grace, and lack of education. She will learn to
set herself apart from those kinds of people and more likely will acquire
the kind of intellectual sophistication that will take her a long way. More
power to her....!!!!!!!


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