Re 4: Internet parental control

Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 10:11:51 EDT


As a parent that I'm sure will be facing this same issue soon (my oldest
will be 8 next month) I've been trying to plan for explanations. Here goes
the very rough draft...
Sexual behavior is intimate and should be reserved for only those very special
to us. (Assuming the previous discussion has considered sex as
a natural, healthy extension of a committed relationship.) This is an act
that can cross boundaries from purely physical to emotional enhancing our
marital (or however you would phrase that!) relationship in a way no other
relationship can. Pornography depicts compartmentalized acts. The personal
dignity of each individual involved becomes compromised. Maybe some people
choose to participate for money or the thrill but as one who hopes to be more
well rounded (rise above the baseness?), the allowance (by patronizing) of
pornography keeps these people less dignified, less complete. Sex in correct
circumstances isn't "nasty" and "dirty" and removing it and placing sex in a
pornographic situation diminishes this portion of us. Society and how we value
each other, a lowest common denominator sort of thing, looks at women (and other
pornographic participants) as less than intelligent, less complete
leaders/followers but more sexual/body parts. What a disgrace that we can't
value our minds in a more productive way but divorce it and revel in potentially
pornographic physical acts.
Now, when did I get to be so opinionated as to pornography? Having
children was the best priority adjuster I could ever have asked for! I too
welcome any input as to how to handle explaining this matter. Rather than
"because I said so!" I would like to lead my children.

Take care,

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