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This is an adaptation of another school's rules. Since we have Internet access
in most classrooms, I'd like to see us utilize this consistently.

Vikki Westerskov <>

Telecommunications-Rules and Regulations

        We are pleased to announce that Internet electronic information services
are now available to students and staff in our district who qualify. SOUTHERN
CALIFORNIA REGIONAL OCCUPATIONAL CENTER strongly believes in the educational
value of such electronic services and recognizes their potential to support its
curriculum and student learning in facilitating resource sharing, innovation and
every effort to protect students and teachers from any uses or abuses as a
result of their experiences with an information service. Inappropriate and/or
illegal interaction with the information service is strictly prohibited.

Please read this document carefully. We must have your initials where indicated
and your signature and that of your guardian/parent (if you are under 18) before
we can provide you with Internet access.

        Listed below are the Rules and Regulations governing the use of
Electronic Information Services. If any user violates these rules and
regulations, access to the information service may be denied and you may be
subject to disciplinary action. (See Consequences of Violations on page*5).

        Personal Responsibility. As a representative of this school, I will
accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the network to the
SCROC administration or teacher. Misuse may come in many forms, but it is
commonly viewed as any message(s) sent or received that constitutes pornography,
unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, and
other issues herein described. I have read and understand this section.

        Acceptable Use. The use of Internet access must be in support of
education and research with the educational goals and objectives of the Southern
California Regional Occupational Center. I understand that I am personally
responsible for these rules and regulations at all times when using the
electronic information service.


        Use of other organizations* networks or computing resources must comply
with rules appropriate to that network, as well as strict compliance with all
herein recited provisions.
        Transmission of any restricted material in violation of any federal or
state law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to
copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by
trade secret or material that could be construed as harassment or disparagement
of others based on their race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age,
disability, religion, or political beliefs.
        Internet use for commercial activities by for-profit institutions is
generally not acceptable. Use of product advertisement or political lobbying is
also prohibited.
        Use of electronic information services for plagiarism is prohibited.
*Plagiarism* is taking ideas or writings from another person and offering them
as your own. Credit should always be given to the person who created the
article or idea.
        Use of the electronic information services for personal financial or
commercial gain is prohibited.
        Use of the electronic information services to encourage the use of
drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or promotion of unethical or immoral practices or
any activity prohibited by law or District policy is prohibited.

I have read and understand this section. ___________
        Privileges. The use of the information system is a privilege, not a
right, and inappropriate use will result in suspension of those privileges.
Each student (person) who is assigned an account will discuss with a SCROC staff
member what constitutes proper behavior and use of the Internet. The SCROC
administration or teacher will decide what is appropriate Internet use and that
decision is final. At their discretion, SCROC administration or the teacher
may close an account at any time deemed appropriate. If it is appropriate in
the opinion of SCROC administration or the teacher, suspension or revocation of
a specific user account may be requested.

I have read and understand this section.


        Internet Etiquette and Privacy. You are expected to abide by the
generally accepted conventions of Internet etiquette. These convention include
(but are not limited to) the following:

        BE POLITE. I will never send, or encourage others to send, abusive

        USE APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE. I understand that I am a representative of
Southern California Regional Occupational Center (SCROC) on a non-private
system. I understand that although I may be alone with my computer, what I say
and do can be viewed globally. I will never use swear words, or other vulgar,
obscene, or inappropriate language. I understand that illegal activities of any
kind are strictly forbidden. No gang names or * gang*-related discussion is

        PRIVACY. I will not reveal any personal information. Specifically: my
home address, personal phone number, or those of my fellow students or

        ELECTRONIC MAIL. Electronic mail (E-mail) is not guaranteed to be
private. I understand that if I become aware of messages relating to, or in
support of illegal activities, I understand that I must report such activities
to the proper authorities.

        DISRUPTION. I will not use the Internet in any way that would disrupt
use of the Internet by others. I will not read others* mail or files or attempt
to interfere with the ability of other users to send or receive electronic mail.
 I will not attempt to read, delete, copy, modify, or forge other users* mail.

        OTHER CONSIDERATIONS. I will not respond to messages or bulletin board
items that are suggestive, obscene, belligerent, threatening, or make me feel

        DO BE BRIEF. Few people will bother to read a long message. Do
minimize spelling errors. Make sure your message is easy to understand and to
read. Do use accurate and descriptive titles for your articles. Tell people
what it is about before they read it. Do specifically address your message to
the most appropriate audience. Do remember that humor and satire are very often
misinterpreted. Do remember that if you post to multiple groups, specify all
those groups in a single message. Do cite references for any facts you present.
 Do forgive the spelling and grammatical errors of others. Do keep signatures
brief. Do remember that all Internet users are human beings. Don*t *attack*
correspondents; persuade them with facts. Do post only to groups you know.

I have read and understand this section.


        Services. Southern California Regional Occupational Center makes no
express or implied warranty of any kind for the Internet service provided.
Southern California Regional Occupational Center will not be responsible for any
inconveniences or any damages suffered by the user while on this system. Such
damage includes, but is not limited to, loss of data, non-delivery,
mis-delivery, or service interruptions, or any other malfunction, whether caused
by the system or by inappropriate or improper user operation. The user assumes
all risk for utilization of any and all Internet obtained information. Southern
California Regional Occupational Center specifically accepts no responsibility
for the accuracy of information obtained through the described Internet

I have read and understand this section.

        Security. Security on any computer system is a high priority because
there are so many users. If you become aware of a security problem, you are
obligated to notify the SCROC Administration or teacher at once. Never
demonstrate the problem to other users. If it is the opinion of SCROC that any
user is a security risk, said user will be denied access to the Internet system.

I have read and understand this section.


        Vandalism. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to damage or
destroy any SCROC building, structure, classroom or equipment. Vandalism is
further defined as any malicious attempt to destroy any computer or related
equipment, or to harm or destroy data of another user, or to harm, or destroy
the data of any other agency or network connected to the system. This includes,
but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses. Any
vandalism will result in the loss of computer services, disciplinary action
and/or legal referral.

I have read and understand the this section.


        Updating. The information service may occasionally require new
registration and account information from you for continued use of the service.
The use of Internet service will require a new Agreement each year.

I have read and understand this section.


        Consequences of violations
      Consequences of violation include, but are not limited to:
        Suspension of Internet access;
        Revocation of Internet access;
        Suspension of Internet privileges;
        Revocation of Internet privileges;
        Suspension of computer access;
        Revocation of computer access;
        School suspension;
        School expulsion: and/or
        Appropriate legal action

      Remedies and Recourses

        Anyone accused of any actionable violation retains all of the rights
that would normally apply if said person was accused of school vandalism or any
other illegal activity. Administrators will utilize the current District
Discipline Policy Statements when determining the level of infraction and its

        The District reserves the absolute right to restrict or terminate
computer and/or Internet access to any user at any time for any reason. The
District further reserves the absolute right to monitor computer and/or Internet
activity in any form seen fit to maintain the integrity of the computer
equipment, the SCROC network and/or the Internet website.

Vikki Westerskov <>

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