Re 10: Girl Trap at school...

From: Robin Nelson (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 14:28:27 EDT

When someone questions whether one has in fact lived in another country
in order to make the assertion that, as a woman, it is better to live in the US,
I wonder whether the questioner is a man or a woman. The obvious differences in
freedoms, liberties and civil rights between women and girls in the US and those
in other countries is blatantly obvious in terms of roles, opportunities,
access, recognition, compensation, health care and education. Of course, ones
"categorizations" depend to a greater or lesser degree on the values that exist
within the culture itself. Having many experiences in other countries, I feel
comfortable drawing such a line.
Thanks for the Hegel reference. I am not concerned so much with the
nature of capitalism itself as I am interested in how Capitalism in the West
effects those in other parts of the world. There are unbelievable
conditions out there. Ignorance of conditions elsewhere saves people in
those places from pain and revolution but I believe it is the responsibility of
the educated to question assumptions and promote equity not only for those in
our own little country but those elsewhere as well. This does not exclude the
fact that I am still very glad that I live here in the US and not somewhere

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