Power structure

From: Dutton, Linda (ldutton@mail.adp.iastate.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 12:16:01 EDT

Perhaps the concept of power needs to change. Imagine what it could be like if
we all just shared the knowledge and power and grew as a whole.


Darcy Lees wrote:

> What I find interesting is often models of power seem to be based on the
> control of information and who has what knowledge. With the internet
> and growing access to both information and knowledge, there is a threat
> to the power bases (parental, governmental, political, schools,
> organizational, etc) as we know them and experience them. There may be
> changes coming to the power bases as we know them and therefore changes
> in their behaviors required.
> Darcy Lees
> DLees@ospi.wednet.edu

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