Re 4: Parent Involvement

Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 18:43:42 EDT

Perhaps I should not have used the word ''career'' and opted for a less
dramatic expression. Perhaps I should have said that ''I make it a point'' to
look after her curriculum, classroom, social school behavior etc. Doing so has
never been easy. However I still think that parents need to pay more attention
to what is being taught in schools today and to the whole educational
environment. It is the only way to ensure fairness and educational quality in a
progressive way.

I feel frustrated often because I have never received any support from any
PTA member or BOE official regarding educational equity and I often feel and
know I am pretty much alone in my district on this particular area.(except for
the Assitant Superintendent who is the only official who has shown concern) I
think that parents, all parents should make their presense known at schools even
if is one a month...

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