Re 5: Parent Involvement

Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 18:32:22 EDT

In what part of my letter did I claim to have all the answers? If, in fact I
felt that I did I would just sit and ''relax'' and leave the education of my
child to the public educators I pay with my taxes like too many parents like to
do. As far as making a career out of keeping on top of my daughter's education,
that is a priority that parents have no excuse not to make as far as I am
concerned . That is, if they do really care about the future and well being of
their children.

Unless of course there are serious problems of health and family.(and that of
course should go without saying) As far as I am concerned I must have touched a
raw nerve here because I also have other very important obligations to attend to
but as far as I am concerned my daughter' education is my number one priority
and it should be for most parents
because it is our responsability to ensure that our children grow up to be
productive members of society and that through education their character can be

It is also rather narrow minded on your part to think that I was
speaking in terms only of my own child. I happen to be very committed to
education in general and by being aware of what my daughter is being taught I
let the school know that I am very committed and concerned regarding educational
equity, fairness and quality in general. When my daughter benefits through my
involvement so do ALL her classmates, that is the general idea of what I do.


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